Monday, 26 March 2012

To sing or not sing....

That is the question... Just one of the many questions running through my head!!

The home gym has been delivered and assembled.  Well I had to assemble it... that was a workout in itself !! So many bits and bobs to bolt together, the instructions came in seven different languages.... thank god one of them was English because the diagrams where a little hard to follow!!!  It kinda of reminded me of Ikea furniture only tougher!!!  Only took about three hours to assemble, needless to say after that effort I was in no mood for a workout, a movie was in order to relax!!

The new gear has been broken in and so far so good!!  I'm loving being at home and being able to do a work out, no need to use public bathrooms at the gym, you can choose what music you listen to, you can choose how loud to have it, you can wear the ugliest gym clothes without being judged, you can use the back lawn for extra room (watch out for the dog poo though!!) you don't have to wait for equipment, it doesn't matter if you short t-shirt rides up and you don't have to drive home afterwards!  So many advantages, why did I not think of this sooner???

However, being able to choose your own music can get a little tricky... you need an upbeat song that will get you pumping and keep the pace up while working out.  My problem is I keep choosing songs that I love to sing along too (another bonus of being at home, no one to complain about the singing!!!) but I think that impacts on breathing which in turn has something to do with the workout results so I need to learn to keep my mouth shut.... hmmm, just had a brainwave - Karaoke gym anyone??

I would also like to acknowledge my workout buddy.... Mum!! Two thumbs up for her hard out training tonight!!  Thought I was going to have to drag her out of the house to the shed but after some gentle persuasion we headed out for some torture!!  I think we had a good workout, turns out I may have learnt some stuff from Mark so I was able to coach Ma along a bit, (future personal trainer here... watch this space!!! bahahaha) we will need to tweak our routines a little but I think we are on track for a transformation... Geez we must have trained hard because we were both knackered by the end of it and pretty much had to crawl inside once we had finished.

As a reward for our hard work I was imagining a big piece of chocolate cake and a coffee (not forgetting the whipped cream!!).... ooohhhh, that would have been nice..... But reality hit once I got inside and on the menu was chicken and salad for dinner!!  It was no chocolate cake but it definitely tasted good, actually I was so hungry anything would have been good!! Ahhhh, The joys of healthy eating!!!!

Anyway, cardio night tomorrow..... wonder how we will go......

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  1. Wow you make it sound so easy. Home gym all the way!